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Google blocked and removed 5.5 billion ads in 2023

Google blocked and removed 5.5 billion ads in 2023

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Google blocked and removed over 5.5 billion ads, restricted over 6.9 billion ads and suspended over 12.7 million advertiser accounts in 2023. This is as bad actors and the impact of generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) has manipulated digital advertising to scam individuals and businesses. Strikingly, the suspension of advertiser accounts was nearly double that from the previous year.

In fact, a majority or one billion ads were blocked or removed due to their abuse of the ad network which includes promoting malware. 548 million ads on the other hand were prohibited due to trademark issues. 206 million advertisements were also blocked or removed for violating Google’s misrepresentation policy.

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These were the results of Google’s latest Ads Safety Report which highlighted that toward the end of 2023 and into 2024, there were a targeted campaign of ads featuring the likeness of public figures used to scam users, often through the use of deepfakes.

As Google aims to sharpen its ad threat detection techniques, it recently launched the Limited Ads Serving Policy which was designed to protect users by limiting the reach of advertisers with whom we are less familiar.

Under this policy, advertisers who do not have an established track record of good behaviour will go through a “get-to-know-you” period where impressions for their ads might be limited in certain circumstances such as having an unclear relationship between the advertiser and brand being referenced.

“Ultimately, Limited Ads Serving, which is still in its early stages, will help ensure well-intentioned advertisers are able to build up trust with users, while limiting the reach of bad actors and reducing the risk of scams and misleading ads,” said Google in a statement.

Content categories prone to restriction

Google has revealed that it has policies in place to restrict content that can be legally or culturally sensitive. For topics that cover legal requirements, financial services, gambling, healthcare and alcohol, promotions for these ads may not show to every user in every location, and advertisers may need to meet additional requirements before their ads are eligible to run.

As 6.9 billion ads were restricted in 2023, marketers should note that online advertising will limit the reach of certain content where they might not be appropriate. In fact, legal requirements were the most restricted type of ad in 2023 with 418.1 million ads.

Political ads are an important part of democratic elections and while candidates and parties use ads to raise awareness, share information and engage potential voters, all election ads must include a “paid for by” disclosure. Election advertisers must also adhere to targeting restrictions and transparency requirements.

In terms of publisher enforcement, 2.1 billion pages had action taken against them in 2023 with 1.8 billion pages belonging to sexual content publishers. Other pages that saw action against them were dangerous or derogatory content, weapons promotion and sales, along with shocking content.

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